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Vaishnavi Bhojane

Co-Founder and Executive Director 

Vaishnavi, a high school senior in Mumbai, is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Simply GenZ. She loves to learn about different languages, cultures, and people from all around the world. Outside of Simply GenZ she enjoys anything within the arts field (visual arts, performing arts, and literally arts). She enjoys drawing + painting, photography, singing, and writing stories, along with many other things in those fields.

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Priyam Kusundal

Co-Founder and Cheif Editor

Priyam is a 17-year-old high school senior from Mumbai, India, and is the Co-Founder and Chief Editor of Simply GenZ. She loves making friends (she's a shy extrovert?). She rants on Twitter to keep herself sane and loves playing the guitar  for similar reasons, also this team at Simply GenZ has her heart don't bully them only she can bully them

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Jemelynne Picache

Design Director

Jemelynne Picache, from the Philippines, is a university student taking up BS Accountancy. As an introvert, she loves to read, write, and watch films and series to unwind and spend her free time. She joined Simply Gen Z with the thought of trying out something new and coming out of her comfort zone.

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Jasmine Kwok

Director of Writing

Jasmine is a rising senior in high school who plans to pursue writing and arts journalism in the future! she loves writing short stories and articles. She really loves the team Simply Gen Z has cultivated and is continuing to educate herself on global issues and social movements. besides writing, she loves watching disney movies, taking pictures of sunsets, and hanging out with people she loves!

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Jezreel Gaad

Director of Research

Jezreel loves music and plays a wide variety of instruments. She's a bookworm, and loves the book Pride and Prejudice! 

Oregon, USA
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Co-Directors of Marketing and Communications (MARCOM)

Dyumna Madan 

Sports is half her personality, writing is an escape, and playing the guitar miserably is a vibe! She also loves RCB even though she knows they'll end up losing this season as well 

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Anoushka Ghosh 

Anoushka Ghosh is just another teenager making her way through high school; she takes pleasure in the simple things like reading and writing as a form of escapism. Although she may seem a bit aloof and distant, she is much aware of her surroundings. It’s important to have basic knowledge of the world, because it requires much change and reform. Therefore, she chose to invest her time in making a change in the world. It’s certain that with change, there will come better days. 

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Leeza Grishpul

Director of Projects 

Leeza enjoys cooking, baking and playing with her instruments as it allows her to create! She aspires to be a lawyer when she grows up, and loves to talk and debate.

Toronto, Canada
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