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Are self-help books really useful?

Self-help books are printed and published with the aim to let readers gain more knowledge in life. It helps the readers to know people’s experiences before they get on hand, which makes them handle future situations better. To a great extent, it gives loads of advice that has been confirmed useful -the advice given was from successful people in history. It also advantages the readers to have critical thinking as self-help books will acquire readers to answer the regarding questions or to frequently ask themselves how they can apply the advice given.

Self-help books truly do advantage readers. With the first self-help book owned by the reader, it engages them to read more and more as it really opens their mind. It is stated that 85% of the rich do read self-help books which is not a reason to deny. The rich are not just people with basic knowledge, they have come by different circumstances and dealt with countless types of people. That means they are not the kind of people who are easy to persuade. With the rich reading self-help books, it means that it is really useful. Furthermore, it may even help to guarantee people’s future, especially those self-help books that focus on finance or business.

As life is getting more competitive each and every day, people should upgrade themselves in order to keep up with society's standards. In addition, it does not disadvantage any individuals to gain more knowledge. The education given by the book often tells people’s success stories, which may motivate one’s life to get better each day. People will also be able to understand various situations, coming from the most often occurring, to the rarest situations. However, any kind of situation should not be worried about as the book has taught people on handling those.

Most of the time, self-help books will always include parables that prove the knowledge given to readers are guaranteed. Self-help books are useful in many different ways. The advice given is coming from successful people, which means none of it should be doubted. Compared to those who do not read self-help books, you will not just act professional but your mind will always be professional.

As a genz, our journey is still long and we still have a long time to go. Much likely, we have not experienced the real world yet. Which are situations such as, dealing with people, doing businesses, handling money, and et cetera.

With all the years we have been through in school, believe it or not, the school does not teach us the important things we need to know in life. It is also true our parents can guide us into the journey, however, our parents may not have experienced the increasingly competitive world we are living in now. To answer the question, coming from a genz who has read self-help books, it really changed the way I view things. Moreover, it does not hurt to try. You might be even more interested in self-help books once you try.

Writer - Javeline Renata Setiawan

Editor - Vaishnavi Bhojane


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