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Bestiality refers to sexual intercourse (rather forceful and non-consensual) between a human and an animal.

Instances of bestiality are woefully not rare; it is a serious crime that is less reported. It is now clear that non-consensual sex with animals has always been transpiring, but had never been brought to the public’s attention. Is it difficult to bring justice to animals and arouse sensitivity regarding animal abuse and animal rights, in a world where even human rights are breached?

Here is a list of a FEW cases that have surfaced over the years.



  • An 8-year-old female canine named Noorie was raped inside the Galleria shopping complex in Powai, Mumbai on October 18, 2020. It was taken to the hospital and the doctors found an 11- inch wooden stick inside its genitals.

  • Police found a video of a man named Ameerul Islam having sex with a goat owned by a family in Perumbavoor. To make matters worse he also mutilated the private parts of the goat.

  • Zachariah, a 48-year-old carpenter, was arrested by the Kunnamangalam police in Kozhikode for raping a dog.

  • In the Betul district of Madhya Pradesh, an escaped cow was raped by a 50-year-old drunk man, Sravan Vyas.

  • A 25-year-old man was arrested for having sex with a cow in the Linga village of Balaghat district in Madhya Pradesh.

  • An 18-year-old boy from Najafgarh, Delhi, was charged for committing bestiality on a baby calf.

  • Eight men allegedly gang-raped a pregnant goat to death in the Mewat town of Nuh in Haryana.

  • A 22-year-old man, Aslam Khan alias Subhash Singh, was arrested in Hyderabad for attacking and strangling a pregnant dog raping it after it was dead. Apparently, he paid a fine of Rs 50 and is serving a few years in jail for such a monstrous crime

These animal rape cases are a tiny speck when we look at the number of reported cases. It is only a reflection of animal cruelty in today’s 21st-century civilization. It seems to be inconceivable. Dismally, it is today’s reality. The innocent animals are being forced, drugged, assaulted, mutilated. Imposing human power on these helpless animals just to satisfy man’s selfish and extremely disgusting urges. Is paying a fine of ₹50 and serving a few years in jail, or by letting them off the hook going to be a remedy for the perversion and cruelty of these offenders?

Why Is This Still Happening in Today’s Progressive Society?

  1. Lack of Sex Education: As I listed above, 18 years old kids are indulging in such heinous crimes. If the Government makes it mandatory for every kid to be taught sex education they will learn about consent, STDs, the damage that unrealistic pornography does in real life, etc. It will lead to the growth of the country as a whole.

  1. Lack of Media Attention: These cases are never in the media spotlight but that doesn't take away from the fact that they continue to crop up every day.

  1. The Hollow Laws Laid by the Legal System: India does not have an organization to document data regarding sexual abuse against animals. There are no stringent punishments for these cruelties, and even though they fall under the category of animal cruelty, the law for it proclaims the punishment to be a fine of ₹50, if miscreants get away just by paying a fine of ₹50, I fear that it will only encourage them to perform and participate in more violent crimes.

  2. Superstitions and False Education about Religion and Culture: A lot of people justify bestiality by saying that it is not “unnatural” but just one more of a wide spectrum of sexuality: “zoosexuality” as there are sculptures surrounding bestiality in Indian temples for example., Khajuraho temple.

  1. Lack of Empathy Gap: We as humans, perhaps fail to empathize with the pain, suffering, and agony of these beings.

  1. Sense of Superiority: The concept that humans are superior to animals leads to mistreatment of animals and is, therefore, made subject to brutalities.

  1. All Humour and No Horror Attitude: Not seeing this as a serious problem, denying to even look at it as an issue by disregarding it while saying, "Humans have bigger problems, and you care about animals?!"

  1. Dismissing the rape angle by simply stating it as abnormal: It is not seen as a matter of cruelty, but rather abnormality. We have to see animal abuse for what it is, which is a monstrous human’s ignoble act of coercing a being who cannot fight back. It is not just wrong because it is unnatural but because there is no sign of consent in such cases.

What Can We Do to Abolish Bestiality:

  1. It should be studied in Psychiatric literature with an elaborate psychological assessment so that we can provide a full-proof medical treatment to help these people because when these rapists are interviewed there is always a residual trauma surrounding abuse in any form which restricts their mental growth.

  1. The government should urgently introduce and implement stringent laws for these crimes. A strict legal introspection has to be fabricated with respect to this collapsing society.

  1. Sex education should be made mandatory in schools and colleges. Media Attention: Bestiality must be brought into the limelight.

  1. Keep a check on the animals in your vicinity, be aware and report it to the police if they are being abused.

Writer: Charmy Savla

Editor: Hamza Ansari

Illustrator: Lily Tan (Instagram - @lilytan.arts)

Graphics - Angeline Saleh

Sources: From raping dogs to cows to dead body, 7 bizarre cases from India