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Blinded with stardom?

Blinded with stardom?

Sara Ali Khan is an Indian actress who works in Hindi-language films. Born into the Pataudi family, she is the daughter of actors Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan.

You may know her from her movies like Kedarnath, Simmba or Coolie No.1 (All based in Bollywood).

In 2019 she had attended a seminar for 'We the women', where someone had established a significant problem which is India's never-ending obsession with women and even men being fair-skinned.

And to everyone's surprise, this history and political science graduate (from Columbia University) gave a rather problematic opinion. A denier of the repercussions racism has on those with dark skin, Sara proved she has quite a lot in common with her father when it comes to making insensitive comments from a place of privilege. Putting the onus on the victims, she said you won’t feel the pressure to look fair if you just have confidence in yourself.

Sara’s arguments focussed on telling victims of colourism to have confidence

Despite Barkha attempting to nudge Sara towards a politically correct direction by pointing out the flaws in Sara’s arguments, the young actress continued asserting her view that colourism wouldn’t have such dire consequences if only those subjected to it had “confidence.”

“If I want to look dark, I’ll just spray paint myself” to which Barkha said, “But what about people who are dark and under enormous pressure to look fair?” This elicited Sara’s ludicrous response, “This AGAIN! What is pressure? Aapke andar wo confidence hona chahiye ke jo bolna hai bolo, main toh aisi hi hoon.” (you should be confident enough to tell people, I am who I am)

Yes, institutionalised racism and centuries of prejudice transpired simply because people were not confident.

What was the issue?

Advising the casualty of any sort of shamefulness to think about herself when she is harmed by another person's remorselessness isn't just off-base yet in addition to something contrary to an answer. That is the main issue with Sara's thinking.

The second is her minimizing colourism of hers in a general public in which our hazardous mentalities toward him should be perceived to address the systematized prejudice that has spread. As per Sara, applying bronzer can obscure it and applying powder can ease up it. In any case, anybody with a brown complexion will let you know that this advantage is a single direction road that fair looking ladies like Sara Ali Khan or brunette Kim Kardashian can exploit.

The most serious issue, however, is Sara's forswearing of the expansive sick impacts of bigotry and colourism. As we have referenced previously, Indian ladies have an extremely poisonous relationship with decency items since we are continually put somewhere around society for not having a fair complexion. We have additionally discussed how ladies are even headed to self-destruction because of the steady strain to look reasonable - something which is romanticized in our general public and consequently not to be likened with "getting a tan" when discussing the differential view of skin tone in our bigoted society.

Shading isn't only superficial for the darker looking ladies who are tormented, caused to feel awkward and unwanted in their skin, and need to clean it off to uncover light complexion. It's not something that can basically be changed with a layer of cosmetics. For a fair looking lady to say this, then, at that point, is verification of the absence of sympathy and hallucinating privilege.

Now, here we are not proposing or rather supporting the entire trend of cancel culture but bringing this issue up afresh after 2 years is because this is still the reality for many celebrities or individuals who are blinded with privilege that they do not even hassle to educate themselves on pressing issues on which they can actually talk about because they already have the platform and huge audience!

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