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Boulder Colorado Shooting

So What Happened?

On March 23rd, the state of Colorado was once again the setting of a mass shooting. In a place called Boulder Colorado, an armed gunman walked into a supermarket where he would commit mass murder. In total over 10 people were killed in which all of them were Caucasian, During the assault, both employees and citizens were huddled up behind the store trying their hardest not to be noticed by him, The killer was identified as 21-year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa who happened to be Syrian American. This comes less than a week after the Atlanta shooting in which Asian Americans were targeted. Another suspicious fact is that the market in which the murderer killed the people was 30 minutes away from his home, where other markets were closer to his house.

Statistics on Mass Shootings

In the U.S. alone only 106 mass shootings have occurred in 2021 alone. Some notable ones are the Mandalay Bay shooting, Parkland Shooting, Sandy Hook shooting, and one of the most famous killings in both Colorado and the U.S., the Columbine High School Massacre. Between 1982 and March 2021, over 66 killings have happened in which it was a Caucasian person at fault, making them the majority. Over 22 cases have had black shooters, 10 with Latinos, Asians at 8, Native Americans at 3, and other/unknown people at 14. As the years go by there has been a spike in mass killings. Sadly Colorado has been the location for over 5 of these shootings which results in 42 lives in total lost.

Perspective on This Incident:

To start it off it should be said that nothing but prayers do go out to those affected by yet another horrible tragedy. Not only that but this really does enforce the idea of enforcing more gun control, which is a whole other related topic, in order for people to truly feel at peace. Not only that but the amount of injustice going around the world is just terrible, for examples the El Paso Texas shooting where Mexicans were targeted, the Asian Hate that has been happening and rising due to racists thinking that somehow every Asian is somehow connected to China (because of the virus) when it’s so clearly not the case, not to mention the police brutality towards black people. It’s so clearly getting out of hand and at what cost? More bloodshed that shouldn’t be spilled due to those uneducated or delusional. Another point that should be made is that those with evil intent will somehow try and flip the narrative and attack middle easterners that will have nothing to do with this. They will also go straight to a harsh punishment but for people like the Atlanta shooter, they’re just having “a bad day”.

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