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Coping up with Online Learning

Online school has been an awakening call for many of us who used to dread going to school. Learning was something we took for granted, rather than seeing it as a privilege. There is definitely no way virtual classes can compare to real-life education and interaction.

What does this mean for the future? We need the education to prepare ourselves for the working world and make a living, yet that is hindered by the fact that we are unable to participate in what used to be a normal setting.

However, there are still ways to stay motivated and maximize our online experience! I know that at the start of quarantine and virtual school, every day felt the same and I often lacked the energy to do anything as if I was trapped in this endless loop. Creating a schedule and staying organized will allow you to use your time wisely and maintain productivity.

Of course, set time for work and school, but also make sure you put some relaxation time for yourself where you can destress. Having a solid plan will motivate you to stick by it so that you can check things off that to-do list!

Stay connected with people. Just because you may be quarantined doesn’t mean you don’t have access to keep in touch with your friends, family, teachers, and other peers! With a virtualized setting, there have been major technological advancements that provide new ways to talk with people.

Don’t isolate yourself; continue to collaborate and discuss with people just to stay on top of things and be updated on how everyone else is doing! Share your day with friends and family- get them involved so that you are not alone. They can help keep you accountable and on your toes!

There are many loopholes when it comes to virtual learning. We can easily cheat or use technology problems as excuses, but that’s honestly not going to get us anywhere in the long run. We should try to act like we are actually in school, as hard as it may seem. Try to learn and understand the information, rather than using Google to look up the answers.

Continue to develop studying habits and listen attentively during class. I’m sure we all have found a shortcut somehow throughout this period of time, but minimizing that will make you more prepared for when we actually get back into schools.

Writing things down, whether it’s writing inspirational messages on sticky notes, keeping a diary, or setting goals for yourself, will put your thoughts on paper. It’s not always healthy to keep it all in your head; you could forget things, overthink, or just find excuses to never pursue your goals. You don’t necessarily have to record down major aspects of your life- the small things count just as much! Whatever will motivate you and inspire you to strive after your goals will definitely put you in a good spot during this time.

No matter how small an accomplishment is, don’t be afraid to reward and praise yourself! It will help you maintain a positive attitude, which will push you through the difficulties of today’s reality. As you may have all heard by now, these are unprecedented times; just understanding that you’re adapting and responding to these changes is enough to reward yourself! Your health, physically and mentally, is the most important factor in this whole mess. Prioritize yourself first before filling your plate with anything else.

Some people are struggling and finding it difficult to cope with these changes, while others are finding new happiness with this time away from the usual stresses of life. It varies for everyone. We are all in a different spot, going at different paces, so focus on your progression and goals. Something that we were used to waking up every weekday morning for has suddenly been restricted to our homes and rooms. Just remember: you’re not alone. We will get through this together. In the meantime, let’s make the best of our situation and learn as best as we can.

Writer - Jasmine Kwok

Editor - Priyam Kusundal

Graphics - Angeline Saleh