• Avani Sood

Does the media have an obsession with queer pain?

We can't imagine going a day without our phones, and for some, it's social media.

While social media can be a great place to meet new people and simply have fun with others, it can also be a cruel and harmful place for some people.

As a generation, we grow and learn more about our sexuality and gender, and the majority of people have finally had the opportunity to identify themselves and they try to express themselves on their social media. A lot of people start to hate on them just because they identify themselves as the person they really are.

As we all know, cyberbullying has always been a terrible thing that has been happening all over the world, and for religious reasons, the majority of individuals say horrible things to the LGBTQ+ population. (Religion does not command you to bother those who are not straight; rather, religion commands you to ignore them and carry on with your life.).

Some people still believe that you should identify yourself according to your sex organs, they refuse to believe that sex organs are not the same thing as gender.

We should all come together and stop spreading this hate toward the LGBTQ+ community. An individual has the freedom to love the person they want, it does not matter if they’re a female or a male!


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