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How to stay safe during the holidays while in the pandemic

It should be known already that this pandemic has not ended yet, however, the good news is the vaccine is out. Currently, there are over 16.2 million cases around the world. As a reminder, it takes up to at most two weeks for COVID symptoms to appear in someone’s body. Knowing that it’s also important to remember that it’s been three weeks since thanksgiving. Well after looking at some data COVID cases would rise up between 150-200 thousand cases per day in the U.S. alone. Now let’s talk about how air travel played its part in this.

If this year were to be like any other then it would be known that air traveling during the holidays is usually really jam-packed, well during this year, there was no exception. In the days before and after thanksgiving over 1 million people were traveling by airplane per day. This was the highest amount of air travel since March right when the pandemic began. It is obviously not recommended to fly during the pandemic but if people have to they still can. Now if your family is considering gathering around please try and reconsider.

It is no secret that this pandemic is hitting people hard, our ultimate goal as a society should be to try and stop the spread. Statistics have shown that in a gathering of ten people, there’s a near one in four chance that someone can have the virus. Now the odds are in your favor, but that doesn’t mean you should risk it. Not only that bu 60% percent of the spread is by people who do not have symptoms. In the end, just try to stay home and if you do have a gathering, try to keep it outside.

“Well, what if my family is trying to go gather around?”

That’s a great question and that’s why we’re here to try and offer some tips.

If you can please try to get a test before and after the gathering to stop the spread. Try to social distance even if you are near your family you don’t want to put those at risk in any danger of getting it, or vise versa. Also, keep the party outside because you have a lower chance of contracting it just by being outside. When you do get home make sure to disinfect whatever it is you touched as well as use hand sanitizer and wash your clothes. If you want to try and eat food but not come into contact with anyone try and make your own food.

Now question a lot of people have, or well have had since quarantine started is how to be entertained. One thing to try is to have a virtual call with your family that you are not able to visit. If your family wants to try and use their vocal cords, try some Christmas caroling or karaoke. Some other interesting things are playing some board games or maybe recount funny stories. Lastly, try to watch a Christmas movie or any movie in general. In conclusion, everyone here on the SGZ team would like to wish you a happy and safe holiday!

Writer - Adrian Navarro

Editor - Priyam Kusundal

Illustrator - Shaina Rahman

Graphics - Jhem Picache