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“I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me!!”- The harsh reality of fame

Most people dream of fame, whether it’s from acting, singing, modeling, or as an influencer. Who wouldn’t dream of getting fame, fortune, adoring fans, and becoming rich? There can’t be any downsides, right? Well, there are multiple downsides.

The price for this luxurious life is high. From paparazzi to crazy fans, to Deux Moi, celebrities have to live very cautiously due to the constant lack of privacy and exposure to such publicity. You have to be willing to give up your time, privacy, and humanization, and be ready to be constantly disrespected by the media and your fans.

For decades now, the idea of celebrity gossip has been a topic that many people are invested in. Knowing the secret affairs, the rivalries, and the romances that occur between your favorite idols is the goal of celebrity gossip websites such as TMZ, E!, and Deuxmoi. These sites, however, can only work with the help of the paparazzi, who are paid to take photos of public figures without their consent. By selling a simple photo of a model walking in New York City to a publication, it can quickly escalate into rumors and offensive comments on the model’s body, relationship, fashion decision, and personal life. Next thing you know, the model has rumors spread through TMZ, Twitter, and more recently Deuxmoi.

So, what exactly is Deuxmoi? DeuxMoi is a pseudonymous social media account on Instagram that publicizes celebrity gossip. This account shares to over 1.5 million of its followers, the whereabouts of their favorite celebrities and who they have been spotted with. Most of their posts consist of submissions sent in by “anonymous” fans and paparazzi.

The idea of people following around celebrities and taking unconsented pictures has become such a common occurrence, that many people do not see anything wrong with it. However, many artists have referenced the lack of privacy that comes with fame in their songs. For example in One Direction's “Perfect, ”If you like camera flashing every time we go out…” This shows how common the interaction with the flashing camera lights and nagging questions have become among people in the entertainment industry. Now with something as accessible as Deuxmoi, where any ordinary person can flash a photo of a celebrity they may see casually walking the street and avoiding the paparazzi, it can automatically be publicized. At this point, the celebrities have no sense of privacy.

With the lack, the paparazzi continue to thrive and follow celebrities as they continue to disrespect their privacy more and more each day. Most people would argue that the paparazzi are considered stalkers since they are following them and taking photos of them without their consent, and constantly nagging them about their personal life. There have been many occurrences in which celebrities will stand up to the paparazzi and decline any photos, ignore them, or completely lecture them all together about how they deserve their privacy. Benedict Cumberbatch had an excellent reaction to the paparazzi by covering his face and telling them to “Go photograph Egypt and show the world something important.”

Not only was he making a political statement, but also not letting the photographers get what they wanted.

To this day, the celebrity gossip industry is getting more and more glorified. They are constantly encouraged AND paid to follow celebrities around. Why should celebrities have to give up part of their humanity for our entertainment and how much more damage can they take? Every single photo affects their reputation, and it needs to stop.

Research by Kelly Zarate

Editor - Priyam Kusundal

Graphics - Jhem Picache


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