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Joe Biden and His New Mask Order

The Surprise Announcement:

On Tuesday, April 27th, U.S. President Joe Biden made an announcement where he said that people can be outside without a mask. The only catch was that it had to be fully vaccinated people and they can not be in a big crowd. When fully vaccinated people choose to go out of their house without a mask they are not allowed to be in a big crowd. For example, if they wanted to go near a big crowd like a stadium or theme park, they would have to wear their mask. They can go without their mask if they gather in small groups, or with friends to walk in a park or go to a picnic. As expected The People responded to this.

The Reception of his announcement:

When it came to regular day citizens hearing this, they had a wide variety of things to say (all of this was on Joe Biden’s Instagram post). Some people said that they would still keep theirs on with one saying,” I’m still wearing mine until 2022”. Others would point out they have already been going outside without their masks such as when this person said,” Was already doing this, but okay.”. The next point that people made was an obvious one and that was that “So can unvaccinated”. I’ll get back to that topic later as it really is a big one.

COVID Currently

As of April 29th, 2021, there has been an estimate of 58k new cases in the U.S. alone. Over 43% of the population has received at least one dose. Keep in mind that this is for people ages eighteen and older. Out of those 43% vaccinated with at least one dose, 30% of those people are fully vaccinated. It is looking bright for the U.S. but it’s not looking so good for India.

Right off the bat, easily unvaccinated people can say they’re fully vaccinated which is really risky. This will put people at risk of contracting the virus which is dangerous if they do have a higher risk of getting it. Yes, the statistics are on people’s side in terms of transmissions or effect of covid, however, it’s important everyone’s experience is different. If this were to happen this can cause an outbreak as the CDC doesn’t know if the carrier of covid may have a variant of it or how long the immunity is lasting, it’s just a big risk.

A Gen-Z Perspective:

Let’s start off with the positive, it’s showing how far we are coming along in terms of the pandemic in the U.S. it shows that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. However the risk that unvaccinated people will risk other people’s lives because they see nothing wrong with it is a true risk. Not only that but the question is, how will we know who is vaccinated and who isn’t? There’s an array of questions to be asked that we might not know the answer to.

Writer - Adrian Navarro

Illustration - Lily Tan

Graphics - Jhem Picache