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Our Obsession with Coffee and Boba

In the modern world of social media, it wouldn’t go unnoticed to see some adolescent post about how they got a caffeine or tea drink. Usually, you would see these sorts of things on someone’s story on Snapchat or Instagram. Well, it appears millennials aren’t the only generation obsessed with these products because our lovely Generation Z loves them too! They along with the millennials have helped to increase demand for said products.

So in this article not only was there research involved, but our very own team was asked about their obsession with coffee or boba in order to give an inside perspective on these sorts of things.

Starting off with a little interview with the team the majority of whom preferred coffee due to the variety that can accommodate a whole bunch of moods as well as the texter being “better”, with one of our members loving boba due to the “youthful energy and vibes”.

When asked what their go-to drinks were I received the coconut milk boba, a good substitute being anything fruity.

As for coffee, I got an Iced Americano but to get a cold brew or iced latte since it’s easy to make in case you’re in a rush. I then asked our members which drinks might not be as best, for boba it was a green tea or red bean. The drinks that might not be great for coffee were a Nitro due to it tasting like “very bad/expired soda”.

As for recommendations they were the coffee nut crunch from Starbucks, A flat white or red-eye for relaxing, the mild drinker might like a Mocha or Irish, and if you want “a kick” then get the iced espresso. As for boba, try a fruity slush!

Then I asked the important question, and that was how often our group tends to get these drinks. They responded whenever they hung out with friends or family, two cups a day, and around once a week.

For the next section, I’ll go into why Gen Z has such a connection to coffee/boba shops.

According to some articles, Generation Z tends to buy at least 4 cups of coffee a week and their obsession with boba might stem from the fact that they like colder drinks more. Not just that but this current generation is willing to spend money as well as eat/drink whenever and however they want which might as well include these beverage drinks. Then coffee shops make their drinks have a variety of menu options that might as well include sweet things like for example cookies and creme mocha, which appeases not to millennials or Gen X but the current generation that’s still growing up. As for boba, the “Zoomers” like to take in different cultures due to their upbringing being about diversity.

Another not so happy fact is that grades are a huge factor of their life, personally I know a lot of people who would drink coffee in order to study for a test tomorrow or get homework done, myself included.

Writer - Adrian Navarro

Editor - Avani

Illustrator - Shaina Rahman

Graphics - Thea Sinsin