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Overwhelmed During Finals? Here is the reason why, and what you can do!

How do finals stress someone out?

To begin with, it’s due to a multitude of reasons but the main reason is due to them wanting to place a good score on their test (or tests in some cases). Now it is natural for a student to experience some sort of stress when it comes to taking a school exam, however, too much of it can end up resulting in even worse test scores. This can lead to a change of an entire routine which is a sign of test stress (which I’ll expand upon). Another reason for having stress during a final test can be due to personal goals. Something that’s been inflicted in us as children is the idea that you have to go to college to be able to get the job you want. Due to that people tend to have internal goals they want for themselves and the possibilities, they may not achieve drive them over the edge. Not every complication due to the end of the school year tests is from an inside source.

External Stress

One big factor in terms of eternal stress during this time is family-based issues. I know from personal experience that I feel stress over going to college and succeeding in it because of a family goal given to me. Like my college “story”, external goals inflicted by families are stressful because it makes them feel they owe it to their family such as parents to accomplish said goal. More importantly, they just don't want to let their family down. Another external source for stress can be the test itself, as it may be one that will be important to attaining a certain goal one might need. For example, someone might be taking two tests one for math and another to be closer to being able to become a lawyer, obviously one will be more important than the other because one holds more weight.

How to cool down during finals week

  • To be clear it’s understandable wanting to be on social media especially in this current time however when preparing/dealing with your finals it’ll be best to not go on social media as it will distract you and can even increase the stress you’re trying to avoid.

  • Teachers aren’t lying when they say you should spend your time wisely and as such you should plan up to a month ahead of your big day (or in my case days), this will especially help with tackling topics piece by piece and being able to balance your social life as well.

  • Another helpful tip is to get as much sleep as you possibly can, if you get little sleep it can lead to an increased amount of stress and you’ll be too tired to focus.

  • Exercising helps a lot as well since it helps with blood flow which helps out the brain and does “wake you up”. It also helps to communicate with someone as you're more than likely not the only person going through this stressful time.

Apps that help you deal with your stress:

  • Youtube: For Free Exercise Workouts

  • Headspace: Meditation

  • TimeBloc: it’s a great planner so you can make time for everything Socratic: helps fact check your work so when you study you can check if it’s right

How to make sure you’re prepared for that test:

Before you even start to fill out test bubbles or write make sure to read your test so you know how many sections are in the test and how much time you’ll have for each specific section. Eat things like porridge or eggs which will give you the energy needed for this task plus it’s important to eat. Try your absolute best to go in with a positive mindset as it’ll carry you better than a negative one will. The day before the test reviews and study guide/notes to wake up the test topics can be fresh in your mind. If and when you do happen to be confused on a question ask the teacher to point you in the right direction (if you can), skip over the said question, and do the ones you know first, if all else fails then take an educated guess.

In conclusion

A reminder that you are more than a grade and that one grade doesn’t define you. If you get nervous during the test wiggle your toes/fingers or take deep breaths.

Writer - Adrian Navarro

Illustrator - Lily Tan

Graphic Designer - Georgia Bernhard