• Avani Sood

Protests in Cuba

What is happening in Cuba?

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, the country of Cuba has been left with devastating living conditions, economic crises, electricity outages, and shortages of food and medicine, leading to many protests throughout the country.

Why are people protesting?

After six decades of living in deteriorating conditions, citizens of Cuba took to the streets to protest against the lack of basic goods. There are three main reasons that Cubans are currently protesting their government:

  • Cuba’s Economic Collapse. Within the last year, Cuba’s economy shrank by 11%. The lack of tourism and the pandemic only added to the crisis.

  • Restrictions on Civil Liberties. After protests, there was a great call for an expansion of civil liberties. Unfortunately, due to the Cuban law, citizens can easily be jailed for protesting against the government.

  • How the Government is Handling the Pandemic. According to the CDC, Cuba has a level 4 travel advisory, meaning the risk of catching the virus is high. Many protesters have demanded a quicker vaccination rollout due to the number of outbreaks.

How The Government is Responding to The Protests

Recently, The Cuban government passed an internet shutdown, there is now only limited access to the internet, but it is very expensive. Some social media platforms are blocked, such as Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp. This makes it incredibly difficult for citizens to communicate with anyone that is outside the country.

How to Help the People of Cuba

Write to your Representative. If you live in the United States, write to your representative. By reaching out to your local senators, congressmen, and congresswomen, you are increasing the visibility of the situation and pressuring a political figure to help.

Research and Listen. There are many citizens posting about this crisis on social media platforms. There are also many independent Cuban journalists that are reporting on their current living situations. An Instagram account that speaks about some of these problems in @cubanospalante

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