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Signs of a Toxic Relationship and How to Leave One

Most relationships experience their personal ups and downs, where some days are rough and the majority of other days are happy and simple. This is what happens in a normal relationship, but when does it cross the line of toxicity? Here are the red flags to watch out for in a toxic relationship and advice on getting support.

Manipulation and Gaslighting

If you find yourself feeling bad all the time in a relationship, you might be being manipulated or gaslighted and it’s a sign to leave the relationship.

Lack of privacy

If a friend or a partner is acting as if they have a reason not to trust you and are giving you a lack of privacy, this is a red flag. Unless you have done something that gives you a reason to not be trusted, there is no reason why a friend or partner shouldn't have full trust in you.

All the effort, love, compromise comes from you

The relationship can not be one-sided. It’s lonely and exhausting on your part. If your partner or friend is not contributing anything to the relationship, it’s a red flag.

Physical or Verbal Aggression

If you are feeling belittled by a partner or a friend through any type of aggression, leave the relationship, because it will do you no benefit.

Nothing will get resolved

Every relationship will go through turbulence, but if nothing ever seems to get better, it’s a red flag.

How do you leave a toxic relationship like this?

If you ever find yourself in a toxic situation, start creating a plan to leave. It is important to learn how to let go and realize you deserve better because the toxic person in a relationship will not change overnight.

Tell trusted friends or family members about your struggle and situation. Your friends and family can offer emotional support and help you begin the healing process of leaving a toxic relationship. You deserve better than an unhealthy relationship, so begin working on yourself again by doing things that make you happy.

After you've left a toxic relationship, it is recommended that you cut off communication with the toxic person. By continuing to interact with this person, even if it is minimal, is damaging and can keep you from moving on and healing. So block them on social media, block their number, and avoid them until you are fully healed.

Whatever you do, don’t blame yourself!

It is difficult to find yourself leaving a relationship, even if it is an unhealthy one. So don’t be too hard on yourself, because leaving the relationship will only benefit you and help you to grow.




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