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Super Bowl LV: COVID edition

What is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is a final game that rounds up the professional football season and it’s held in the U.S.It tends to happen every January-February and it was made out of a deal between the old American Football League and National Football League. When it first was held fifty-five (hence the title Super Bowl LV) years ago California was chosen as the first state to host the event. It has been known for its halftime show which was first presented by local college/high school bands in which obviously evolved into famous acts.

Super Bowl Traditions

Obviously, with any big American tradition, we have to talk about the traditions behind it. Of course probably one of the most notable traditions is the huge halftime show, which some people may argue is better than the game itself. Some notable acts of the “Big Game” include Micheal Jackson, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Prince, Bruno Mars, and most recently Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. For 2021 the performer of this halftime is grammy-snubbed artist, The Weekend. Some other traditions also include buying food which includes Pizza, Wings, and Chips all being bought for this specific event. Another big tradition happens to be the commercials. The NFL charges millions of dollars for a 30-second advertisement and when they are bought usually big trailers are shown. Some of them are for drink companies and their usually funny or very entertaining. Others include trailers for movies or tv shows and on a writer’s note, I’m totally looking forward to the marvel trailers. As I said, the Super Bowl is a big American tradition, and what’s a big tradition without parties? Well, a lot of people tend to gather during this big game, which brings me to my main point. COVID.

How Will It Be Different This Year?

Now I’ve talked a lot about COVID and last year we were lucky to have last year’s halftime show but that’s not the case for this year. For sure there no parties can happen, as a reminder even though COVID cases are dropping and the vaccine is still being used, there are different variants of the virus. These are more transmissible which is why these gatherings are not advised. For this year, fans are going to be allowed into the stadium, of course, it will be at partial capacity or 25 thousand fans in attendance. The Weekend also went out of his way to make sure the audience for his halftime show would also be socially distanced.

How Can I Celebrate The Super Bowl Safely

One tradition I didn’t mention was wearing the Jersey/Dressing Up which is something that is harm-free and totally fun! You can host an in-house family “party” consisting of everyone in your family and make sure they all play a part to keep them entertained and feel like they’re apart of it. If you would like to see your family members try to do it through a Zoom Meeting! Of course, that will not be everyone’s case and consider this as your absolute last resort, if you do attend a family gathering make sure to not touch your face, sanitize your hands, socially distance, and mask up! In order to reduce the spread of covid, try to set your television outside! so as to reduce the spread. Make sure to cheer on your team, or watch the show and stay safe!






Writer - Adrian Navarro

Editor - Priyam Kusundal