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The Social Dilemma ?

Wondering whether you should watch the social dilemma?

Gen Z is obsessed with social media and this Netflix show can change your perspective!

The Social Dilemma is a 2020 American docudrama film that explores the rise of social media and the damage it has caused to society, focusing on its exploitation of its users for financial gain and how its design is meant to nurture an addiction, its use in politics, its impact on mental health and its role in spreading conspiracy theories such as Pizzagate and aiding groups such as flat-earthers.

 The film beautifully highlights how social media can be addictive. Often, we tend to forget the complications of the overuse of social media, and even if we hear the negative effects never really get a clear perspective. The Social Dilemma has perfectly managed to show what exactly goes behind the scenes. In a way, it tells us the story of the other side of the screen, by the people who were a part of it, the side which we thought was similar to every other being. From notifications popping to relevant posts showing up in your feed, how the technology works to keep you engaged and prompts you to scroll.

 The film revolves around ex-employees of all major social media platforms talking about how badly has social media impacted the world. Teens are manipulated to think that it is necessary to reach unrealistic beauty and wealth standards in order to be just acceptable in this society. While it talks about positives and good intentions as well, there's a huge focus on how social media has become a tool for spreading negativity.

Even though social dilemma focuses on negative sides there are also many positives due to social media but the fact that it's done for a personal cause.

Social media has started to bridge the gap between personal and public information.

''Your clicks are your votes choose them wisely."

''When you don't pay for the product, you are the product".'

''Only two organizations call their customers   'users' illegal drugs & software.''

With such insightful and captivating remarks, the film definitely leaves the viewers thinking.

Written by Vaishnavi Bhojane and Priyam Kusundal

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