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Useful Apps and Websites for College Students


iHomework helps students stay organized on their mobile devices. Students can enter assignments, class information, tasks, and more to help manage their academic careers.

Project on Student Debt

This website is devoted to helping families make the best economic choices when tackling college costs. You will find tons of information about college debt and student loans. The site also has a list of schools that have pledged to limit or eliminate the use of student loans in their financial aid packages.

The Choice New York Times

This college blog will keep you up to date on the latest trends on college admission, testing, and financial aid. The blog also features a lot of question-and-answer sessions with college admission officers and other higher ed experts.


Slack is a website that helps not only business people improve their communication efforts, but students as well. It integrates with DropBox, always keeps your place when you jump around various applications and it connects teams, so it can be used by Slack study groups and project partners with open, efficient communication.

Study Blue

With StudyBlue, college students can use the convenient service to make flashcards that help them create notes online without wasting paper. It represents a supremely portable way to create formal study guides and freshen up prior to tests without going through piles of text.

Study Hall

Study Hall helps students find jobs and start-ups get access to the top “hackers, hustlers and social media influencers” on college campuses.


Speaking of Copyscape, it’s a great website that college students can use to check out the plagiarism level of the papers they construct. Use their premium services to copy and paste the things you’ve rewritten and essays constructed from multiple sources to ensure that it’ll fly with your teachers. There’s a nominal fee of five cents per search conducted.


If you’re the type that doesn’t do well studying alone, use OpenStudy to meet other like-minded college students to study along with based on a variety of topics.


Unigo helps students discover which colleges they should attend by providing a plethora of reviews for more than 7,000 schools, along with plenty of other helpful information.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the perfect app to organize your busy schedule. Use it to keep track of your classes, deadlines, and club meetings.


Venmo is a must-have for any college student. The free app allows you to transfer money to and from your friends, which makes it easy to split the cost of meals, drinks, and gas. Or maybe you need to request some money from your parents back home. That's as easy as just a few taps.


Not only is Spotify the superior music streaming platform, but it also gives a discount on premium to college students. You listen to all your favorite songs and curate edgy playlists, but there are also great study playlists like the iconic lofi hip hop - beats to relax and study to


CamScanner is a mobile scanner. When you take a picture through the app it's saved as a .pdf, which is perfect for submitting handwritten assignments like lab reports online. You get a three-day free trial but then it costs $59.99/year.


Quizlet is an online flashcard maker that makes studying for exams so easy. It is especially helpful because chances are someone has already made the flashcards for the exam you're studying for, and you can search the app to see if they exist already. Study smarter, not harder.

Duo Mobile

The bane of any college student's existence. Duo Mobile is a two-step verification app that colleges use to protect your identity when logging into your campus portal.

Word Hippo

Word Hippo is an elite thesaurus app and as we all know a good thesaurus is a must for essay writing. Type in any word and Word Hippo will give you a great selection of synonyms.


Pomodoro is a great time management app. It operates on the Pomodoro method which has you work for 25 minutes straight with no interruptions and then take a five-minute break. I wouldn't have finished my thesis without the aid of the Pomodoro method. Sorry Android owners, this app is currently only available on iPhone.


BenchPrep is a perfect solution for graduates and students preparing for competitive exams. The app provides flashcards, practice questions, more than 600 lessons, in-app purchases, and much more. Whether you are preparing for GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, or any other professional exams, BenchPrep can help you out. The app is free and available in Android as well as iOS versions.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a reference app to provide answers to questions related to all kinds of topics. Whether you search for baseball or quantum mechanics, this app will quickly provide an answer. The app utilizes a huge Cloud collection of domains. Hence, the app does the research work for you and immediately offers a reliable answer to your question. It is available for Android and iOS users at a reasonable price of $2.99.

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