• Avani Sood

We care about self-care!

It is easy to get caught up and overwhelmed in the bustle of life- school, extracurriculars, work, family- the list continues on and on as things are constantly piling up on your plate. Especially with the mindset that you have to be constantly giving and providing, you may overlook your own mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

We have to consciously take the time to focus on ourselves. Even if it feels like there is no room in our schedules to squeeze in alone time, we should make the effort to perform self-care routines every day, or as frequently as possible. Whether we write positive affirmations or allot time to relax, exercise, or sleep more, the small details matter in developing a healthier mindset. By working on becoming the best version of ourselves, our ability to give to others and cultivate relationships will strengthen. There is no certain way to care for yourself-- depending on your passions and preferences, it differs for each individual.

Neglecting our own happiness can come with a variety of health issues: depression, burnout, anxiety, and an overall lethargic way of life. Improving our well-being does take time-- it may not be easy nor smooth sailing, but each step counts towards a more positive mindset and healthier lifestyle. You may try things out that don’t work for you-- self-care is a process that can be altered as you discover more about yourself.

For international self-care day, we want to continue advocating for people to allow themselves to take a step back and work on themselves. This exceeds a singular day-- we should always include self-care activities in our schedules. It could be as quick as taking a stroll outside, listening to your favorite music, or reading a book that makes you happy. Especially as we’re getting older and facing greater responsibilities, it’s crucial to appreciate the small joys life presents. A glimmer of positivity definitely goes a long way!

If things ever feel overwhelmingly stressful, it is more than okay to take time to breathe and tend to your mental health. Whether it’s reserving a day for yourself or doing small activities that can take your mind off of your worries for a little bit, self-care matters for your overall happiness. Before we can provide for others, we must make sure that we are in the best position to do so.

If music helps you check out the playlist we made especially for self-care day!

Writer - Jasmine Kwok

Illustrations and Graphics - Vaishnavi Bhojane