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Why does social media influence teens ?

Social media is a big part of many teens' lives. A 2018 Pew Research Center survey of nearly 750 13- to 17-year-olds found that 45% are online almost constantly and 97% use a social media platform, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Social media benefits: social media allows teens to create online identities, communicate with others, and build social networks.

These networks can provide teens with valuable support, especially helping those who experience exclusion or have disabilities or chronic illnesses.

Teens also use social media for entertainment and self-expression. And the platforms can expose teens to current events, allow them to interact across geographic barriers, and teach them about a variety of subjects, including healthy behaviors.

Social media that's humorous or distracting or provides a meaningful connection to peers and a wide social network might even help teens avoid depression.

Media influence on teenagers can be deliberate and direct. For example, advertising is often directed at children and teenagers. This means that children and teenagers are increasingly conscious of brands and images.

Teenagers who are exposed to and take an interest in news media are more likely to be interested in major social and political issues like climate change. In this example, the media can encourage them to become more involved as citizens in their communities. Celebrities and the way they use the media can be powerful influences on teenagers.

In particular, teenagers can be attracted to lifestyles, products, or behavior that celebrities promote on social media. This can sometimes be a negative influence – for example, YouTuber Logan Paul’s risky behavior.

But there are lots of celebrities whose lifestyles, values, and behavior provide positive examples – for example, YouTuber Elise Ecklund. Children and teenagers do need to be aware that some celebrities are paid to advertise the products they endorse.

Overall today s generation could not imagine a life without social media and the main tool against boredom.

However, we forget that our time is going on. On the whole occasion, we do support the young generation to use social media as well as the internet, we know how is important the internet grow people s thinking skills and awareness of the whole world even outside of earth, everything. Therefore we should not eliminate technology growth instead encourage an increase in different areas.




Research Coordinator - Abdullakim Zamirbek

Editor - Priyam Kusundal

Graphics - Jhem Picache