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Work Towards Equality, Not Superiority

Feminism is a wide concept. This term has several messages and uses. Sometimes, people might take it in a wrong way, or some might be ashamed/uncomfortable claiming themselves as "feminists". Feminism can be defined as women and men should have equal opportunities and rights. It's a statement that women are human beings too.

There is a difference between Feminazi and a Feminist. Feminazi is a quite heavy word to use which could easily misdirect people. Feminazis are those who are against masculinity or men. So everyone must know the difference. Stakeholders on the better side of patriarchy could take the advantage of these and hence attempt to deprive people in genuine need of feminism. Fighting for rights should not lead to man-hating. This should come to a halt.

A feminist should work towards equality, not superiority. Being a feminist doesn't mean to make men feel ashamed of themselves at the same time, it should offend making females do all the work. Instead, there should be an equal share of work between partners in any relationship. Every single human has the right to sexual autonomy and to make decisions without any limitations or restrictions. It's not about oppressing any human being. Feminism is that women deserve respect like any other human being. Pseudo-feminism is saying women deserve more respect, or that people of other genders deserve no respect.

In this world of social media, people end up being pseudo feminists.

Pseudo feminists do not want equality but superiority. It's worse because, in this society where females are struggling to find a place even in this "open-minded" year of 2020, women and men at the same time have to deal with pseudo feminists.

We as the upcoming generation want to mend the world into a better place, where men and women are equal, where cooking is a choice, not a burden, where we see everyone as a human, where we all live peacefully, where a woman isn't forced due to few stereotypes surrounding them.

Writer - Antra Pandey

Editor - Priyam Kusundal

Graphics - Jhem Picache

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